Who we are

This new project was born from our passion for snow and love for the mountains at the end of 2013.
Our experience, developed in the competition world, and our in-depth knowledge about materials and their processing, allowed us to create top-ranking products, using valuable and innovative materials together with the most recent construction technologies.

Our essential and exclusive design is a guarantee of distinction for ski lovers. The outer finishing of our products includes a wide array of valuable wood qualities, and for the most demanding we offer customized productions with the most precious materials, such as Gold, Silver, Platinum, Precious stones and special fabrics in Carbon Fibre.

Our skis are rigorously hand made by our artisans.
Anouk took up an upstream company policy, in order to acquire a prestigious position on the market.
We only use first quality materials for our products.
Our primary aim is to offer customers a variety of skis of the highest quality, with a refined design and customizable at the user’s wish.